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Dovetail joing

Consistent effort

These beautiful dovetail joints require patience, diligence, and perseverance. I've enjoyed woodworking since high school. There are so many abstractions in computer science and the digital world in general, that working with something physical, a tangible thing I can see, feel, and smell, really grounds me. The satisfaction of building something is the other magnet that draws me to it. The satiety that I feel after building something, after creating order out of chaos, is what draws me to software development as well.

I work through systems. This is where the "consistent" comes from. Relying on sheer willpower to get things done usually backfires, so I focus on creating systems and processes. I use this approach to accomplish personal goals as well. The system allows me to create a routine, while the process allows me to tackle new problems intelligently. One part of my process is breaking down the problem into its most minute building blocks, and tackling those one at a time. Another part is the pomodoro technique. With these tools, I build.

Backend Developemnt

This is what's under the hood. Your car can look like an Aston Martin, but if it's got a rusty engine, you won't get far.

Responsive web apps

The hegemony of the desktop is over. People are accessing sites through phones, tablets, phablets, watches, e-readers, glasses, etc. It's silly to forget this.

Frontend Development

This is the body of the car. Sleek and intuitive. Clean, semantic, reusable code is my forte. CSS preprocessors are my salvation.


Knowing how to navigate the environment is paramount. My Linux chops get me through when the DevOps guy calls in sick.

Database Management

Data is the fuel that powers the car. MongoDB, PostgreSQL, RethinkDB, Redis, and Memcached are great tools for the right job.

Contribute to great team culture

If we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, it's important to surround yourself with people who can help you grow and reach for your goals and dreams.

A RESTful API is the lifeline between the client and the server. A clean API makes a frontend developer's job orders of magnitude more pleasant, and improves the end user's experience. It makes scaling manageable, serving business needs well.
Working with designers, product and project managers, and other developers is an integral part of the building process. This process is much more streamlined when egos are left at the door. I try hard not to imbue my work with my ego, so that I can iterate faster and allow for the best result.
I don't like standing in one place for too long, and am always striving to learn more. There are many more things out there that I don't know than those I do know, so I prize my ability to learn fast and not back down because I may fail before I succeed.
Node.js Very good
Go Intermediate
Mongo, PostgresSQL Very good
Linux Intermediate
Angular.js Very Good
  • Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.

    Miyamoto Musashi
  • Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

    Andre Gide

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