Ode to a chicken

I recently lived one of the greatest days of my life. In the middle of the day, my roommate mentioned his discovery of a grocery store selling produce and meat of high quality. This came as great news, because (1) in almost...

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See your passion (Part II)

George Mumford was a drug addict. Plagued with injuries while chasing his basketball dream in high school, the drugs were initially a relief from pain. Soon enough the relief became the norm...

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See your passion (Part I)

Passion. The thing that’s supposed to make your life amazing if you follow it. “Finding your passion” gets 6,600 monthly searches on Google. In the search for a fulfilling career, turning to the Internet for advice ...

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Altitude Sickness

On one disturbingly-warm November Sunday, I realized that I can play basketball professionally. It wasn’t a fact, like the discovery of a new butterfly species, but a feeling, like a butterfly landing briefly...

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